Giraffe Thesis

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Some people in this world are just spectacular people, and sometimes they need recognition, and that’s what the giraffe award seeks to do. The Giraffe award started in the state of Washington to recognize good deeds done by people. Individuals who meet the criteria are recognized on over 500 radio stations. One of the first Giraffe Award recipients was Ralph Flowers. Ralph worked for the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA). While working for the WFPA, Ralph was not pleased with how his Association required him to shoot any Black Bears that were clawing off the bark of the trees. But Flowers felt strongly that that should not happen, so, behind the associations back, he spent $12,000 of his own money to make special feeding stations for the bears so they wouldn’t be getting shot for trying to use the resources they used to use before humans interfered. These next six cases are other examples of proposed Giraffe Award winners, with an informed opinion. Maybe you can make your own. Joseph Nicholas and David Joseph Senior tried actively to restore Maine’s Passamaquoddy tribe’s Native language, the only Native American language in New England. However, Joseph and David’s valiant efforts are not deserving of the Giraffe Award. The criteria there were supposed to meet were not quite there. There was no significant financial, social, or personal risk. In addition to not taking a significant risk in order to help others in their community. Another aspect that does not qualify them for the award is that the project did not go above and beyond the call of duty, as any member of the tribe could have tried to reinstate the language. Some people may argue that it was an act of caring from Joseph and David to help the Passamaquoddy ... ... middle of paper ... ...he can’t even find a lawyer to represent him when he goes against offices like the U.S. Attorney General’s office. But he represents himself and prospers with more good deeds, he even gets people to clean up their act before going to court, but if they do choose to take it to the Judge, the will most likely see a fine or a sanction sitting on the doorstep when they wake up the next morning. Ray is an all around do-gooder looking for no personal gain, and wants to make a difference in his community, and is 100% deserving of the Giraffe Award. As you can see, there are some good people in the world, and these six examples are the tip of the iceberg, there are more people out there who should be recognized for their efforts and aren’t. Some people like this just want to see the world to be a better place. The Giraffe Award is the perfect way to recognize these people.

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