Gilyadu And Enkidu's The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The quoted passage from book The Epic of Gilgamesh is an excerpt from Old Babylonian tablet from Ishchali in which Gilgamesh defeated Humbaba with the support from Enkidu. In this passage, Gilgamesh was advised and guided by Enkidu from preparing how to fight with Humbaba, to actually defeated him. The depiction of the excerpt highlights the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu as Enkidu motivated Gilgamesh to succeed, not only for killing Humbaba but also for becoming a better man. The first eight lines talks about the conversation between Gilgamesh and Enkidu before the fight. It stands out in illustrating the importance of Enkidu as guiding Gilgamesh to the right direction toward goals. At the very beginning Gilgamesh speaks with Enkidu, telling that “We must impose our victory” and “The auras slip away in the thicket, the auras slip away, their radiance grows dim”…show more content…
At the beginning of this passage, Gilgamesh and Enkidu calls each other “my friend” before the contents (line 11, 15). It is not only a sense of respect, but also an indication that they have been friends for a long time and already established strong friendship. When sentences as “[Said] Gilgamesh to [him,] to Enkidu” “Said Enkidu to him, to Gilgamesh” that follows the same style and template are presented, the similarities between the two heroes and the completion of dialogue are highlighted (lines 10-14). Besides friend, Enkidu is also Gilgamesh’s “companion” which described in the tenth line “Gilgamesh heard the word of his companion.” (line 19) Not just some friendship formed when people share same interest and talk with each other frequently, their relation are build up with more mutual experience and encouragement. The word companion means that Enkidu is fights along with and backs up Gilgamesh, granting Enkidu and Gilgamesh both powerful

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