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Since the case has been printed, Gillette has continued to evolve their product line up. No longer is Gillette just about razors. The company has tools for all-in-one grooming, shaving creams, deodorants, body wash, and other toiletries (Gillette, 2013). Gillette continues to be innovative with their products, and it shows by their numerous awards that they are proud to display on their website. Also, Gillette has continued to improve on their baseline products such as their Fusion lineup with the Fusion ProGlide that is fifteen percent thinner (Gillette, 2013). Per Dula (2013), Gillete has really embraced social media and word of mouth as a strategy for increasing buzz in India. Gillette started creating commercials and campaigns to directly combat the idea of less shaves. Gillette sparked a debate and fueled media with social media. Per Dula (2013), “In eight weeks Gillette’s sales of the Mach3 increased by 500 per cent and market share for razors reached 40 percent.”
Gillette has a solid base line of products that consumers have a need for, which is a key strength. Gillette can continue investigating consumer trends and evaluating needs in order to stay innovative and keep a market edge. On the other hand, possible weakness that Gillette can show is the fact that their razor are more expensive than their competition, so some consumers may jump to competition to save money. Gillette can combat this reminding their consumers the value add that they have and showing customers add on’s that will make their base product more useful. In the past, Gillette has had failures due to not researching the countries they are trying to penetrate. Gillette has major opportunity international markets as these countries become more developed, G...

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