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I told you James, don't go down there!
James, your uncle said don't explore basement!
Brother, he told you not to go!
Cousin, you are a fool.
Oh boy, I was a fool...

The corspe on the table was cold and hard. Its face was pale, the nose and earlobes bloody, the eyes flat and milk white all over.

Pull the rope, James.
It is for the best, son.
Come join us James...
Please, brother, we miss you...
I miss you too...

James felt something generate in his hand. It was a thick nylon string that was pulled as if it were anchored to an object on the table. He obeyed the voiced and yanked hard. A vial hit the floor and a spark followed the crash. James was not aware that the alcohol smell was from the whiskey his uncle stored down here. It had been knocked over by the mice and spilled all over the place. In a flash, James and the corpse were engulfed in flames, head to toe.

Yes, James, you've done it.
Son, welcome to the afterlife.
You're here, brother. You made it.

James remembered the corpse on the table. He walked calmly to the side and laid next to the cur...

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