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Gettysburg is the bloodiest battle on U.S. soil. It started when Vicksburg was under siege by General Grant. General Lee thought that he would drive them out by invading the North. There plan was to first invade Harrisonburg, but Lee then saw that Gettysburg was a great place, because all the roads lead into it and it would be easier to gather his army. Stuart was in charge of the South Calvary, which is in charge of keeping track of the position of the North’s army, but he was of causing havoc in some northern towns. In light of Stuarts disappearance General Longstreet Hired a southern actor named Harrison to spy on the north. With his information the decided to move towards Gettysburg. While this is going on the Northern army was to the north of Gettysburg and Buford, who is in charge of the Northern Calvary Division, saw what the South was doing. On the first day of battle three southern divisions were marching in between Seminary Ridge and Gettysburg. Buford knowing that he need to keep the high ground safe he sent Develin to set up a barricade one street and Gamble to barricade the other. As the three Southern divisions moved on Heath thought that Devilin’s barricade was made up of local militia and he decided to attack. To Heaths dismay it was un mounted Calvary that were there to defend and to make sure that the south didn’t move into Corps Hill or Cemetery Ridge. Develin and Gamble held them off long enough. The south then settles in to Seminary Ridge. Ewell was told by Lee to take the corps hill but he doesn’t. That was the end of the first day of battle. The south considered it a victory even though nothing came out of the first day. During the first day the 20th Maine under the command of Cornel Chamberlain was issued men who refused to fight. They were also told that they were to march towards Gettysburg and to be ready to fight. As they march all but six of the new guys decided that they would fight.

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