Getting To Know Ms. Brandlin

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Students typically categorized their teachers as people whose lives are boring and go through the cycle of teaching then sleeping, then teaching again, and so forth. But each teacher is a person that grew up from a child to a matured adult through different life experiences everyone goes through. Ms. Brandlin is no exception to the idea of teachers having different encounters that happened in the earlier days of her life. She has her share of treasured memories that she kindly shared with me, and how these events have shaped her character we all know today. Ms. Brandlin’s family is similar to most since she grew up with both her parents and two siblings, but the way they came together has a unique twist to it. When her parents first got married, they planned on having kids, but was unsuccessful in the process. The disappointment lead them to adopting the oldest of the three siblings, a girl named Danielle Brandlin. But soon after, her mom became pregnant and the sudden sign of a biological child coming gave them hope that they can bear children themselves. After Danielle, followed...

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