Getting My Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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I believe that as an engineer I should work hard towards shaping a better future for myself as well as a better world for humanity at large. I want to be a part of the technological revolution and contribute to build an operating interface between science and society for optimal use of resources, environment protection, and indeed, to shape our future.
This vision drives my aspiration to join Northeastern University for pursuing Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineeering. I envisage myself pursuing a research oriented career in academia or industry in computer engineering. For this I would like to do masters in my field of interest and then proceed to do PhD.
As an undergraduate at The LNM Institute Of Information Technology, apart from my major , Electronics and Communication Engineering, I got engaged in many hands-on projects which involved concepts of Computer Engineering. Coding is interesting to me and most of my major projects involved coding in C or Python. Further courses like computer networking, wireless, digital communication, image processing strengthened my concepts and stimulated my interest in the subject. As one of the members of the science and technology council and core organizer of technical fest in college I have been involved in various technical events which further encouraged me to choose a research oriented career.
Networking is a course I have been introduced to during my junior year. As I sifted through the textbooks the interplay and interconnections between various devices and systems and the impact they create on the world seemed amazing to me. The Ethical Hacking workshop I attended in my freshman year aroused my interest in geo locating IP addresses. Due to th...

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...tion, but begins with that. Being the chairperson of Women in Engineering of the LNMIIT IEEE group, I have motivated around 1000 young women engineers and organized several professional development workshops , corporate information sessions for their participation. I worked with an aim to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders.
While the technical projects furnished me with foundation skills to encompass engineering, my varied interests aided me to develop a multidimensional personality both of which motivate my pursuit of a graduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University.This would not only solidify my concepts and better help me narrow down my area of interest for PhD, but also enable me to provide vital contributions to the society.
Looking forward to be a part of Northeastern University!
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