Get Tested For Hiv / Aids

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GET TESTED FOR HIV/AIDS The first case of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) was discover in 1981 in United States. Before the disease even had a name it was taking many lives every day, and the disease was link to the flu. There estimated 144 case discovery every day. Everybody should get tested to know their status. It can decrease the chances of spreading the disease. If you are positive for the disease you can receive the proper treatment to live a long life. There are many reason to get tested like: you meet a new love interest, have unprotected sex, or sharing needle with other drug depended individuals. Know your status can help you more than hurt you. I know it scary to go get test, but it not a valid excuse. If you are scare you should ask someone you trust to come a long with you. If you don’t get tested you risk the change of infecting other people and not knowing. When you get test it like a weight been lifted off their chest. If you are positive can decrease the spread of the disease and also become more educated. There is a myth about HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) like it a black, white, straight, or gay thing, no it everybody thing; go it tested. This myth about the disease has taking many people live and hurt many love ones. The way the media, church, and school treat the disease it make it sound like it not deadly, when it actually is. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) there are approximately 39 million people living with the disease. There are 1.2 million people in the United States living with HIV, and there is about 12.8% of people do not know they are infected. Mississippi had the 10th highest rate of HIV diagnosis in 2012. In 2013, Mississippi reported 556 HIV dise... ... middle of paper ... ...t a high-fat snacks. Never stop taking medicine without talking to your doctor. The cost of the medicine is high, it cost about $36,000 a year. Most people who are infected are uninsured, so the government end up picking up the slack. There are counselor out here to help you cope with the disease. Study have shown if a HIV/AIDS people take their medicine properly it can help them live longer life. Some people who were diagnose in the 80s are still live normal life. HIV/AIDS doesn’t not care about your race, gender, sexuality preference, or age. Knowing your status help you decrease the spread of the disease, and help you get proper treatment if you need. Don’t listen to myths, protect yourself by practicing safe sex, not sharing needles, and not swapping body fluid with a HIV/AIDS person. You can’t get the virus by sharing household items, clothes, or by coughing.
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