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Celeste Saenz 4th Period 5/20/14 Gestapo World War 2 began in 1939. It was the most deadliest and widespread wars in history. There were more than 30 countries involved in the war, and more than 5,000,000 deaths throughout. The war finally ended in 1945. One of the many secret police forces during the war was Gestapo. It is short for Gieheime Staatspolizei, which is German for Secret State police. They were a main use for destruction and oppression. They persecuted a bunch of other races or religions such as Jews, Germans and regimes. Gestapo was formed before the war began in 1933. Hermann Göring was the one that organized everything in the Gestapo. He later became commander of the Gestapo. They had the power to do whatever they wanted to do to the enemies of the Nazis, like capture, arrest, or shadow them. So whoever they thought went against the government they had, they could do those things to them. This job occupied throughout Europe. Two of their main responsibilities was to hunt down the Jews and other people, and to tackle the threat of resistance movements. People feared the Gestapo, and the organization used that fear as a weapon. Even though Gestapo wasn't everywhere at once, they were evenly spread, which gave the Germans the thought that they couldn't trust anybody. If you dared to cross the state, it was said that the Gestapo would most likely capture you. They had their ways of dealing with people in their protective custody and it was known throughout the country, therefore it sent a message that you should stay loyal to your state. If they wanted to give someone that was captured a legal process, they would take them to the Peoples Court, they sometimes sent out a dea... ... middle of paper ... .... The Gestapo would lead the Germans into Final Solution with all the torture and punishment they received. In France, the Gestapo would help the Milice to hunt out resistance groups. In Eastern Europe, the Gestapo hunted Jews who may have escaped. In Western Europe, the Gestapo would kill any prisoners of war who were protected in the Geneva Convention. At the Nuremberg Trials, the Gestapo was put to trial and considered a criminal organization. The Nazis wanted to change the way people think, so they started a campaign to enforce hated "unGerman" ideas. So they burned books which was thought to be the worst crime to commit. Müller was never brought to justice. His death is unknown to the people, they say he died in the last battle, and some say he moved away to South America and lived without notice. The Gestapo lasted from 1933-1945, when World War 2 died out.

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