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Introduction The Gestapo were a brutal and reckless police force around Nazi Germany that was truly a disgrace to society in my eyes. The Gestapo were essentially the police force of Germany at the time. They’re methods were notoriously brutal and they showed no mercy while prosecuting helpless Jews. While not as important as the SS, the bodyguards of Adolf Hitler, the Gestapo still played a big role into the way Nazi Germany was ran. As brutal as they were, it is hard not to admit that their fear tactics were one of a kind. The way they struck fear into the hearts of those who opposed them. Dress and Tactics The Gestapo were dressed mainly in all black uniforms. They were generally not allowed access to the higher weapons of the Nazi army. Instead they were given mainly low caliber pistols and police batons. They were allowed to use these to any extent they pleased, and they often did. Inside the Concentration Camps, they were mainly the guards of the camps who carried out the daily duties of the camps such as gassing, executing and guarding. However, they were slightly less of us...

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