Gestalt Therapy, Integrative And Behavioral Therapy

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There is no single theory that is comprehensive enough to account for the complexities of human behavior, no single unifying factor. Therefore, the author of this paper will discuss three distinct, counseling approaches. Gestalt Therapy, Integrative Therapy as well as Strengths-Based Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy. The practice of which helps people to improve their well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises, all the while increasing their ability to function better in their lives as well as society.

Keywords: Strengths-Based Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy (SB-CBT), Gestalt Therapy, Integrative Therapy, Client,

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This experiential and humanistic form of therapy was founded by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls, and Paul Goodman. It was designed as an alternative to conventional psychoanalysis. Gestalt therapists in conjunction with their clients use many creative and experiential practices to increase awareness, freedom, and the client's self-direction. The assessment is that people are influenced by and have an intricate link to their environment and that people endeavor for growth and balance in their lives. Empathy, understanding, and unconditional acceptance of the client is the emphasis of his form of therapy. The which enhances the therapeutic outcome of the client. Additionally, there is Integrative therapy which is an effective form of therapy that addresses the behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of a persons functioning. Each theory provides a partial explanation of the client’s behavior “and each is enhanced when selectively integrated with other aspects of the therapist's approach”(Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, n.d.). COUNSELING APPROACHES…show more content…
Gestalt therapy stresses the unity of mind, body, and feelings as they are experienced in the here and now. Focusing on assisting clients to become aware of “how behaviors that were once part of creatively adjusting to past environments may be interfering with effective functioning and living in the present, the goal is for the client to gain awareness…this awareness allows clients to reconcile polarities and dichotomies within themselves” (Corey, 2017). However, there are limitations in regards to diversity, some cultures frown upon openly expressing feelings. This can be viewed as a sign of weakness and vulnerability.If a therapist is not culturally aware and practices flexibility, they can compromise the client-therapist
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