Gertrude's Role Of Women In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare has represented women in wide range of characterizations and notions. In his most famous and memorable play Hamlet the character Gertrude played an impact on Hamlet himself and her actions of selfishness depicted throughout the play. However in some cases she did mean well for her son but her act of selfishness resulted in a lost son. Gertrude’s poor judgments of betrayal and selfishness result in the tragic conflicts with her son Hamlet.
We first realize Gertrudes poor judgments is her major flaw in the beginning of the play. As the mother of a grieving son, Gertrude should have been more sensitive to Hamlet 's feelings. Instead, less than two months after King Hamlet 's death, Gertrude remarries Claudius. Gertrude should
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Hamlet wants to put Gertrude on a moral path when he tells her: "go not to my uncle 's bed; Assume a virtue, if you have it not" (III.IV.160-161). But when Gertrude says: "What shall I do?" (III.IV.182) she is not really going to change her behavior. Her question just reflects her conflict between son and husband and her wish to please both of them at the same time. If Gertrude had shown more sympathy for Hamlet, some of his anger might have died down. This is also the last scene of Hamlet and Gertrude together. Hamlet tries to acknowledge Claudius 's act to Gertrude however she is being oblivious to the situation. In a way, this scene represents Hamlet ending his relationship with his mother. He comes to a conclusion that she will not confess her mistakes: “Come, sir, to draw toward an end with you, Good night, mother” (III.IV. 217-218). This line symbolically represents the ending of Gertrude and Hamlet 's relationship as mother and son. The line “Good night, Mother” signifies Hamlet 's end to his denial. Since the beginning of the play, Hamlet loathed the idea of Gertrude and Claudius together it was his use of defense mechanism that he could not bear the idea of his mother and uncle together. He tries to lead Gertrude in a moral path but she lacks the ability to think for others. He knows that his mother is not able to see the truth in…show more content…
When Gertrude tries to protect Hamlet from Claudius in act IV, scene 1, when describing to Claudius about Hamlet 's killing of Polonius, Gertrude covers up Hamlets indifferent attitude by saying that he cried afterwards: “ Shows itself pure. He weeps for what is done” (IV.I.28). She knows that Hamlet did not show sorrow but as a mother, she wants to describe him in way that will make things easier for him. However, this does not change the conflict towards Gertrude and Hamlet. Hamlet is still enraged with vengeance and Gertrude’s nurturing act does not help the situation:“The body is with the king, but the king is not with the body. The king is a thing—Of nothing. Bring me to him. Hide, fox, and all after” (IV.II.25-27, 29). Gertrude acts does not stop Hamlet from seeking revenge. She does not have the insight to distinguish between sincerity and deception in people. She seems to be more concerned with being caught in the middle of the two men in her life than with the possibility she has done something immoral. Throughout the play Gertrude has alway been oblivious to what was going around her. She realized that her marriage has been too quick and does not change the betrayal that affected Hamlet. However, during the last act, the battle between Hamlet and Laertes, Gertrude takes a drink from the poisoned cup without realizing it: “No, no, the drink, the drink!—O my dear Hamlet! The drink,
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