Gerrit Rietvelt: Dutch Design And Product Design In The Netherlands

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Dutch Design
Dutch Design is a term used to connote design in the Netherlands, product design in particular. It refers to the design esthetic that is common to designers in the Netherlands. Dutch design can be described as minimalistic, experimental, innovative, useful and it often has a funny or quirky twist. These are the main characteristics that made this design famous around the globe.
Dutch design has a long and rich history, but the term only has become known since the late eighties. During the nineties Dutch Design became more and more known in the world.
"Dutch design is simple and powerful", according to Hugo van den Bos, strategy director of Dutch graphic design studio Koeweiden Postma. Author and journalist Tracy Metz notes
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Hereby he has been named the founder of Dutch Design. His designs are funny and minimalistic at the same time, which has become an unwritten rule which Dutch Design still must meet nowadays.
Willem Dudoc Willem Dudoc (1884 – 1974) is an architect from Amsterdam who designed iconic buildings throughout the entire country. Examples are the Hollandse Bankunie in Rotterdam, the monument on the Afsluitdijk and, probably the most famous building, the Brasserie Dudoc in Rotterdam.
W.H. Gispen Another leader in design was W.H. Gispen (1890 – 1981). Gispen was a genuine furniture designer. Back in his metal factory he developed furniture for offices. The simple but strong designs made his furniture timeless. His designs are still sold and are inspiration to the new generation
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This ‘less is more’ mentality is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Lots of designs that were made during that period are launched on the market nowadays, under the name ‘Dutch design classics’.
Famous Dutch designers and brands nowadays are:
• Moooi
• Droog design
• Pol’s Potten
• Marcel Wanders
• Studio Job
• Piet Hein Eek
• NgispeN

Pol’s potten
Pol’s potten is an example of modern Dutch design that has been made accessible for everyone because of their reasonable prices. The products are simple, innovative, ironic, humoristic and they show off their Dutch roots. Most of the people know this brand because of their specialism in ceramic and glass products like vases and crockery. For over 20 years the products of Pol’s potten have made houses homes. Also the majority of the products are handmade by local professionals what means every product is unique.

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