Germany's Reunification

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Germany's Reunification It was all so good in the beginning. In 1989, after 40 years of separation, the two Germanys finally became one again. But as often, there were and still are doubts about whether or not reunification was the right move to do. The hope that two different social, political as well as two different economical and educational systems would grow together neatly without major problems was Fig. 1.1 Source: German Reunification and the Present nothing but wishful thinking. East Germany [German Democratic Government-GDR] was a communist, state-controlled country, whereas West Germany [Federal Republic of Germany- FRG] is a democratic, modern society. The speed at which reunification happened, took everyone by surprise. In little more than a year, East Germany disintegrated and its territory was absorbed into the FRG with no serious opposition and amid widespread rejoicing, both at home and abroad [Mark Blacksell]. There was no transition period to allow the East to raise its economy closer to that of the standards of the West. This resulted in disaster. The people in the West are forced to absorb the enormous reunification bill, while the people in the East are made to feel inferior and like ?second-class? citizens. East Germany Before reunification, East Germany was a socialist state. The State ran every aspect of the daily lives of the people in East Germany. They were not brought-up and educated to think for themselves and were therefore, ill prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a free- market economy. Within the old system many of them couldn?t afford Western luxuries, but at lea... ... middle of paper ... ... ?10th Anniversary of German Unification- A review of the progress made in bringing living standards in the eastern section of the country into line with those in the west.? Bundesreigierung. Online. Internet. 8 Dec. 2000 Available: Vererka, Mark. ?Germany: What?s Gone Wrong?? Orange County Register 6 Dec. 1992: A1 CD-ROM MAS Vita. Matthew. ?On The Move/ Europe After The Wall: 1 Million Flee Poverty in The East.? Palm Beach Post 9 June 1991: A1 CD-ROM MAS Walker, David. ?Germany Searches For a New Role in World Affairs.? Current History Nov. 1991: 368-373 Weck, Roger de. ?Inequality?? Publikation Deutschland. Online. Internet. 27 Feb. 2000. Available:

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