Germany Culture and Traditions

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Germany cultures and traditions Americans use in the USA Christmas and Easter are the most common Holiday we celebrate that has come from Germany like Christmas calendar’s that have a candy each day till Christmas is here in December it first was thought of in Germany around 1908 and today we buy these calendar treats for are kids each year to count down when Christmas is here. We also got from Germany Christmas trees in Germany they decorate there tress on Christmas eve with candy canes string popcorn and ornament’s and sometimes they even use candles on trees but they don’t practice that as much the candles we in America have too there traditions on Christmas tress but some decorate them sooner than Christmas eve and we decorate them almost the same gingerbread also came from Germany they became popular after the grim brothers used a gingerbread house in one of their grim fairy tales Hansel Gretel so they became popular and families would decorated them American’s took that tradition and during Christmas holidays people decorate them and some even have gingerbread contests to see who can make the best ginger bread house. Some Christmas songs have originated from Germany like old Christmas tree also known as o tannenbaum) it’s a old song written back in 1799.Santa clause st Nicholas also came from Germany Christmas reefs Christmas caroling is also apart of Germany that we took and made it are tradition. Easter also came from Germany it is a pagan holiday spring equinox the original celebration took place in Germany around march 21 each year they would celebrate it to honor this story about a bird that a pagan goddess saved named ostara it was believed she saved this bird that was frozen by tuning it into a bunny ... ... middle of paper ... ...d as a heavy tank and had a Maybach HL 210 p30 engine It had 650 horsepower output and had 88mm anti-aircraft artillery gun. Production started in August of 1942 the tank was 55 tons And was too wide to be transported by train if they did go by train the tracks had to come off. Production stop in 1944 there were 1,350 Tigers that were made And there is only one Tiger in working older today. Today Germany’s main battle tank is the Leopard 2. The leopard 2 began in 1970 and in 1972 a prototype was made. The tank carries 42 rounds for the main gun and the guns range is up to 2,000m. There is a variant of the tank variant 1 it has improved armor. The tank is powered by a MB-837 Ka502 turbocharged diesel engine that gives the tank 1,500 horsepower. The leopard 2 is similar to the British chobham and is similar to the M1 Abrams tank. This tank is still in production today.

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