German unification

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Throughout history Prussia has been land considered by their neighbors as barbarous. Everyone from the powerful Roman Empire, to the French Empire has described this area as such. Within this area lies some of the fiercest and most ruthless tribes to have existed, the Germanic tribes. While the Germanic people have always been considered to be tribal and separate by their neighbors, this consideration is wrong. The German tribes have always been in a sense united, but it was not until the external threat of others, the need to survive and political pressures did the tribes unite to become the nation of Germany.
The Prussian area has always been in danger of invasion. Primarily because it is located in the center of Europe, so if any empire wanted to expand they most likely had to captured Prussia. The two greatest external threats that have ever threatened this area was the Roman and French Empire. The Romans were never successful in their invasion. The French however were able to occupy this area for a few years before they were kicked out.
The Romans and the Germanic tribes had been involved in a war called the Germanic Wars, which lasted from 113 BC - 439 AD (Wikipedia). By the end of this war the Romans were able to capture the Germanic area called Gaul (Wikipedia). They were however never able to capture the land to the east of the Rein River. The Germans however were able to help bring an end to the war at the Battle of Totenberg forest. It was in this battle that an alliance of the German tribes ambushed the Roman Legions. By the end of the battle three Roman legions were destroyed and all invasion attempts were cancelled (Battle of Teutoburg Forest).
The last major external threat that the Germanic tribes faced was du...

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...owerful British Empire. Finally to the east lied the menacing Russian Empire. Each one was extremely powerful and were expanding quickly. In order to protect themselves all of Germany needed to unite and create an empire of themselves. Thus creating the German Empire (Wikipedia).
Loosely connected but always united the German tribes remained, until external threats, and the need for their survival did they final unite into one nation. They faced the Roman Empire and were victorious. They united against the French to defend themselves and succeeded. Once united they faced a greater threat of three massive empire. These empires were ready to attack and destroy anything in their path. The Germans need a new way to fight these threats, and their answer was to become like them. It was then by the treat of extinction they finally united and the German empire was born.
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