German Shepherd: A Study: German Shepherds At Work

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German Shepherds at Work
Have you ever wondered what German Shepherds do other than play fetch, eat, and sleep? Most people that own dogs teach them to sit, stay, come, and they also teach them to obey their owners. They are the family pets that sit on our laps all the time, bark at people when they come to the door, and chase the mailman in the summer when the family is outside. Work dogs have jobs such as being police dogs, military dogs, guide dogs, and herding dogs.
The German shepherd breed came from Germany from a mix of several of sheep dogs. They were first trained in Germany as outdoor dogs. In 1906, the first German shepherd dog was sent to the United States. Since the 19th century, German Shepard’s increased in number. About 80,000 German Shepherds are brought to the United States every year from Germany. Many more are born but they are not brought from the United States. Farmers in Germany learned to breed dogs so they could get the traits they wanted. German shepherds are the smartest of all breeds of dogs. They are the most popular dog in North America.
German shepherds weigh 55-95 pounds. A male weighs just a tad bit lighter that the female. The height of a male is 24-26 inches and the female is 22-24 inches. They have long sturdy bodies, pointed ears, almond shaped eyes, and long thick tails. They have black spots all around their body. The fur color is shaded yellow, tan, brown, and sometimes gray. Their thick fur helps them stay warm and dry in the winter. They have a double coat in the summer they shed the outer coat so they are not so hot. The German shepherds are loving and kind to their owners, they are very fierce and protective watch dogs. They have a really great sense of smell. When they ...

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...are 2 years old, the master and dog go home together after they have completed their training. After a while the master and their dogs start to travel everywhere with each other. German shepherds, meanwhile, “Have no extreme work ethic,” she says. “Not everyone can handle a German Shepherd. They do tend to get more protective as they get older; there’s a fine line between keeping your person safe and protecting them.” Guide dogs lead their masters around the stairs and curbs. They help their masters so that they don’t run into anything like benches, fences, hanging tree branches and many other things. These special dogs have guided people around for more than 100s of years. When guide dogs are done for the day they like to lie around and play with their toys just like most people do. Guide dogs for about 8-10 years. During this time the dogs walk about5,600 miles.

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