German Nazism vs. Italian Fascism

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German Nazism vs. Italian Fascism Fascism and Nazism were two different political groups taken place in two different locations. Nazism was evolved in Germany which were the people that mainly were against Judaism. As for fascism, it took place in Italy and focused mainly on a system of government that was under a dictator, or a ruler who had absolute power. Both these groups had similariteis as well as differences in which will soon be understood. Benito Mussolini which was born in 1883 and died in 1945. He came to power with his new ideas in 1919, called Fascio di Combat, which is also known as Fascism. To understand Fascism better, it is basically a spiritual attitude. It sees not only the individual but also the nation and the country. Individuals and generations are bound together by a moral law. Adolf Hitler and his national socialist state influenced Mussolini. In time, Mussolini became the victim of his own propaganda efforts. He dreamed of wars of conquest, but these wars that were far beyond the industrial capacity of the state to maintain. Mussolini came to involved the state in wars of colonial conquest, which was probably the last of the great imperialistic wars of Europe. In 1938 a change was made in the Italian government which separated the people from the decision-making process entirely. The list of parliamentary candidates was no longer offered to the masses for their approval. Mussolini merely emulated Hitler by creating the totalitarian state while removing basic democracy. After Mussolini's fall from power and his heroic rescue by German paratroopers, it was created under the watchful protection of nazi troops. There was, however, time remained to develop a theory. Mussolini was wholly ... ... middle of paper ... ...hen Germany becomes a dictatorship ruled by Hitler and the Nazi Party. It was also the begging of total chaos, such as several revolutions and world War II. There were many revolts like the Kristallnacht, which was a destructive rampage against the Jews. The Jews were drastically restricted and leaving Germany was each time becoming more difficult. In time the Nazis Parteis and Adolph Hitler killed many Jews, more than 30 thousand. Even though World War II was later finished by an agreement, it took many lives away. As for the fascist parties, they were not as gruesome as Nazism, even if one influenced the other. Although both were beliefs, which involved later in to something much greater and catastrophic, they were only people fighting for what they believed were right. But the problem was it effected on innocent's people's lives, and that is not tolerable.

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