German Government Officials in WWII

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German Government Officials in WWII

Many people have contributed to the cruel treatment of human beings, specifically Jews, in Nazi Germany during the second World War. This is a report on the damage carried out by some of the Nazi criminals working under the rule of Adolf Hitler.

Many people contributed in Hitler's attempt to carry out his 'Final
Solution'. Among these people are Ernst Roehm, Joseph Goebbels, Adolf
Himmler, and Hermann Wilhelm Goering. While I discuss how they partook in
World War Two, keep in mind their actions will, and have, left a mark on the world forever.

Little is known about Ernst Roehm's childhood. He was a quiet boy who never went looking for trouble and didn't express hatred towards anyone, mostly because his parents were Libertarians and never paid attention to the politics in Germany's heartland. In college, Hitler's ideas and notions had a strong impact on Roehm's personality. Though Roehm never graduated, he joined the Free Corps, a group of soldiers dedicated to changing injustices in the German government. After a while, Roehm started to grow tired of the Free Corp's non- violent style, and he was tempted to be more of an activist in government reform. Hitler, looking to recruit fellow officers in his plan, then in it's infancy, liked Roehm's strong presence and personality. Roehm, jobless and nowhere to go, joined
Hitler's office. After Hitler was elected into office some years later, he split his dictatorship into different divisions. Roehm, being one of the original officers, was chosen as head of the Sturmabteilung, or SA, commonly referred to as the Brownshirts and storm-troopers. By 1932, the
Brownshirts had reached more than 400,000 members. All types of men who
Hitler saw fit enough to join were members. Among them were ex-Free Corps soldiers like Roehm, students who weren't able to find jobs, shopkeepers who went out of business or weren't profitable enough, the unemployed, uneducated, and common criminals. As you can see, they were a very diverse bunch. Roehm had full power over where they demonstrated and protested.
What was their cause? None really. They were merely an idea of Hitler's to spread his popularity, as well as the Nazi Party's. They roamed the streets of Munich, often drunk, singing racist stanzas from songs, beating anyone they thought, judging just from appearance who they thought was a
Jew or a Communist. Roehm screamed to the marching storm-troopers, "We
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