German And Spanish At University

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The growing significance of languages in everyday life has contributed to my desire to study German and Spanish at university. I want to develop the ability to communicate with people from across the world, to engage in other cultures and to explore the foundations which underpin each language. My study of German has sparked my interest in transferring my acquired skills of how to tackle grammar and translations to learning Spanish, which, similarly to German has huge economic and social influences on the western world. I believe that studying German at A level has expanded my ability to analyse and criticise effectively, especially since I am currently studying the play, ‘Der Besuch Der Alten Dame’, which I have found to be not only intriguing but also thought provoking, due to the playwright’s emphasis on money and morality. I am looking forward to studying how the countries which speak these languages have evolved over time and I am particularly fascinated by Spain’s development from a dictatorship to a democracy. Additionally, I have a personal interest in the reunification perio...

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