Germ Theory Essay

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Germ theory changed the scientific world; it also created a worldwide impact on people in many disciplines and in everyday life. Using the Natural science discipline of biology doctors and scientist used their research to determine that diseases and illnesses were caused from germs. Germ theory impacted how researchers interact with illnesses and gave them an avenue to look for cures and treatments. When realizing what caused illness ordinary people could learn how to prevent them and this changed how people lived their lives.
“Don’t go outside with your hair wet, you might get sick.” I’m sure we have all heard this but germ theory changed how we view disease. In the social science discipline of psychology, people began to view diseases differently. Knowing what causes illness and that cleanliness is the easiest prevention changed how we view being dirty. I have my children wash their hands before meals. Though they may not understand fully why; we can assume that I am building a psychological imperative that it must always be done. Looking at germ theory through a social science discipline of sociology we can also see a shift in how society views cleanliness. It has become
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Washing hands, using sanitizers, and having treatments to diseases is such common place; we don’t realize the drastic change that took place. Working in a school, preventing the spread of germs is important. Sanitizing is a part of our daily routine and we are notified about any possibly contagious children. When thinking of the impact germ theory has had on me I was surprised to find that the social science discipline of communication is very important to how we utilize germ theory. Knowing what we know now, we must communicate to each other personally, in business, nationally and globally about outbreaks so that germ theory prevention can be maintained and improved upon. With this knowledge we cannot stop every disease but we can do our
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