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Gerasimov 1. a) Gerasimov has this theory that the American population human rights are just an illusion. In his opinion, human rights are about: have the opportunity to work, deprived of decent housing, decent education, proper health care, food and security for old age. Now we know that the communist community gave those rights to their population. So if Gerasimov looks at the American population our values and economic system is very different. But for him if you’re not guarantied a job than you’re not free at all. But the American government can’t guaranty a job for everyone because it’s economy is based on the capitalist system, which is private property. Mr. Gersimov is also talking about the homeless people in this richest country by giving the example of homeless people living on the streets of Washington richest neighborhoods. He also talked about the right of free higher education which gave the equal opportunity for everyone to be able to achieve a career goals without depending of you’re financial status. In fact he is saying that in the USA, the rich are passing on their predominant positions to their own children. b) I do not agree with the Article 50 at all because I don’t believe that citizens were free at all. People were reporting at each other in case you were not acting like a true socialist. For me this is not true freedom, freedom of speech means you are aloud to say what you think and how you feel and you should not be punished. Also this article 50 is saying that citizens were free to do assembly, meetings, street processions and demonstrations. I don’t think the communist party would have let people do meetings against the communist party then this is not true freedom because here for example you are aloud to do so. I don’t agree at all with the reasoning of Mr. Gersimov because have a job for 100% means you make money 100%. But if sure to have a job this doesn’t mean that you free, it only gives you a way better life style. Of course they will be homeless people in America because they can’t guarantee a job for everyone and that there will be a big gab between rich and poor but you’re allowed to say what you feel and vote for whom you wish. Based on those example I feel that Mr. Gersimov is not telling both side of the story only the one that will make USSR seen better by far.

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