Gerardo Zepeda Essay

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Born on October 4, 1935 in Mexico City, Gerardo Zepeda, my grandfather was able to accomplish his dreams in becoming an actor. Gerardo Zepeda is a Mexican actor and wrestler. He began fighting professionally at a very young age under the name of “El Romano” then later was casted as a monster for a film and thats how his acting career initiated. Gerardo admits that he was taught how to “steal camera” meaning if he talked more or said something funny the camera would obviously stay longer on him giving him more fame time. Just like many actors he had to learn how to sing and dance, however he never had the chance to go to acting school he says that acting just came natural to him. One interesting thing Gerardo mentioned was that he did take…show more content…
He states that it definitely was an uncommon role for him but that he likes to be adventurous and wanted to try something new that would cause humor to the audience since they were used to seeing him play the bad guy in movies. Gerardo’s hardest role was any character he had to play in action movies because as a 6’3 man he didn’t have a stunt man. He mentions that in Mexico it is uncommon to find very tall people, so they couldn 't find someone his size and he had a lot of injuries while filming action movies. Gerardo said that acting was just like any other job in the world, it has its ups and downs but that he couldn’t sit down and complain about his job because he loved every aspect of it. Maybe the hardest thing he could remember is leaving all his eight children alone for a very long time while he traveled. He was a widower at the age of 30 and all he wanted was for his children to have the life always dreamed of. Gerardo Zepeda worked in over 300 films, but his favorite movie he was a part of was Caveman, because he got to meet and become friends with…show more content…
Gerardo has a true passion and respect for wrestling, at the age of 19 is when Gerardo started his career as a wrestler. It wasn 't until the age of 25 when he got into acting. My professor mentioned in class that many films during the classical era projected cultural nationalism in Mexican cinema, I wanted to know if my grandfather saw a difference as years progressed in Mexican cinema. He stated that it was debatable it all depended on what type of movie it was. He was only a part of two movies that projected cultural nationalism where he had to play the typical “macho” man with cowboy boots. As the years passed, things started to change because movies were not being filmed in little towns but rather in cities everything seemed more modernized. However, the propaganda is what changed extremely. Due to the fact that we are now way more advanced in technology it was more hard for directors to promote their movies. Gerardo said that they didn 't have youtube or twitter, where movie ads were being show. They only ways he remember movies were promoted were by radio or poster glued to the
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