Geovana Hilton Analysis

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Geovana Hilton is currently 19-years-old with an interesting characteristic and she is very outgoing. She has a big heart for her loved ones and tries to isolate negative people from her life, but sadly, the world is filled with so much filth that it is hard for Ms. Hilton to filter out those negative people.

Ms. Hilton started High School since she was 14-years-old and studied in all Honors classes throughout her High School career and became successful with it. She earned an Advanced Honors Diploma with a 4.2 grade-point-average.

Hilton was excited to graduate in all gold and white cap and gown, but some of the ignorant students were jealous of her success, which made her more isolated from others. Ms. Hilton quoted, “When people approached
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Now she is trying to major in broadcast journalism because an English teacher from her seventh grade middle school motivated her to become a broadcast journalism in the future.

Hilton’s seventh grade teacher, Kathy Griffin, verified this story, she said, “yes I motivated Geovana to be involve more in school and showed her how interesting it is to involve in broadcast journalism. At first she wanted to become a model and I explained that modeling career would end after you become the age of 30. Trust I know this because my idiot sister careered in modeling and now she became a bum looking for a minimum wage job.”

Ever since then, Hilton watched other broadcast journalist on television, and her favorite journalist is Oprah Winfrey. Hilton’s mother and Hilton herself watches The Oprah Winfrey show occasionally and she fell in love with the broadcast journalism field even
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pageant of your first try. This made Geovana Hilton a very happy woman and cried for her victory.

Hilton added,” It was my biggest accomplishment yet and the only people who were there to share that moment were my parents and none of my friends showed up, including with the guy I was in a four year relationship with.”

This opened up her eyes that how much people can be jealous of her hard work and on top of that she was bullied. She embraced every moment during the pageant and now she wants to stay close to her loved ones and isolate anyone else that will bring her down.

Hilton’s father took a moment and said, “ I am very proud of my daughter because she proved to me and to her mother that she can do anything if she just put her hard work in it.”

Later on she described the stereotypes of pageantry. Hilton believes that numerous people thinks that pageant girls are nothing but stupid with a pretty
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