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Georgia Okeefe Georgia O'Keeffe Born in 1887 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, studied at the Art Institute of Chicago during 1905 and the Art Students League in New York City from 1907-1908. She worked briefly as a commercial artist in Chicago, and in 1912 she became interested in the principles of Oriental design. After working as a public school art supervisor in Amarillo, Texas from 1912-1914 she attended art classes conducted by Arthur Wesley Dow at Columbia University. She instituted Dow's system of art education, based on recurring themes in Oriental art in her teacher-training courses at West Texas State Normal College, where she served as department head from 1916-1918. In 1916 Alfred Stieglitz, the well-known New York photographer and a major proponent of modernism, exhibited some of Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract drawings. In 1924 O'Keeffe and Stieglitz were married. Georgia O'Keeffe began her training early with private art lessons at home. She continued to pursue art through high school, studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 1907, enrolled in the Art Students League in New York City. Moving to Texas in 1912, O'Keeffe accepted a position as supervisor of art in the public schools of Amarillo. During her summers, she studied and taught art at the University of Virginia, working with Alon Bement, who introduced her to the theories of Arthur Wesley Dow. Returning to New York in 1914, she enrolled at Columbia Teachers College to study under Dow, whom she later credited as the strongest influence on the development of her art. While teaching at Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina, she discarded academic training and began a new series of highly personal abstractions in charcoal. I... ... middle of paper ... ...rican modernism, her life was filled with intense relationships - with family, friends, and especially noted photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Her struggle between the rigorous demands of love and work resulted in extraordinary accomplishments. Her often erotic flowers, bones, stones, skulls and pelvises became extremely well known to a broad American public. Bibliography: REFERENCES Hogrefe, Jeffrey. O'Keeffe, The Life of an American Legend. Bantam, 1994. Lisle, Laurie. Portrait of an Artist. Washington Square Press, 1986. Peters, Sarah W. Becoming O'Keeffe. Abbeville Press, 1991. O'Keeffe, Georgia. Georgia O'Keeffe. Penguin Books, 1977. Montgomery, Elizabeth. Georgia O'Keeffe. Barnes & Noble, 1993. Eldredge, Charles C. Georgia O'Keeffe. Harry N. Abrams, Inc, 1991. Williams, Terry Tempest. An Unspoken Hunger. Penguin Books, 1994

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