George Washington: The Father of His Country

Who do you think is America’s most iconic hero? In my opinion George Washington is America’s most iconic hero of all. The reason why is because what other United States president can say he freed us from the ruthless rule of Great Britain and King George, or say he helped write and brainstorm the ideas for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States? George Washington was America’s first true hero that was born in this great country we all proudly call the United States. George Washington is the best example of an American hero because he has done so many things to get us to where we are today. This will be depicted by his contributions, his work, his titles, his awards, and what he did as a leader. Here is a little bit of background information on George Washington before we dive head first into this topic. George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. This would be the start of when history will change forever. George Washington died in Mount Vernon, Virginia on December 14, 1799. America was struck with fear because they had lost their beloved hero. He was a politician before he was a general in the military and he didn’t start out in the military as a general even. George Washington was raised in a wealthy family so he was able to go to school. In that time, many kids were not able to go to school because the cost of schooling was expensive. He kept on moving forward in his life and progressing. Heck! He was the United States first elected president. Now that is something to brag about. Yet he never let the power go to his head. He always acted very professional and never got big-headed. He even refused to be a king and he would only accept to be a president. G... ... middle of paper ... ...a little bit about what George Washington did to change our country for the better. He has had some of the biggest impacts on American history than any other person. So I don’t know if you can tell but George Washington was one of the greatest heroes that have ever lived. George Washington was one of the most amazing and inspiring men that ever lived. I give him the ole tip of the hat because what other man in history can say they have done all the things he did in his crazy wild ride we called his life. He was one of the strongest willed, smartest, had a way with words like no other, was a great leader, and always thought things out before he acted. I am just so grateful that America had such a great hero and leader to guide a very confused country through its first steps of life and leave us standing on a solid footing. He is truly the father of his country.

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