George Washington Carver: The Agricultural Engineer

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Before you begin I must ask. Have you ever heard of a man who did everything in his power for trying to get a good education? A man who had to push his family behind to pursue it, and had to deal with many hardships? That man is named George Washington Carver.
Before he was born, George’s mother was owned by a man named Moses Carver who adopted his mother, Mary when she was 13. His mother bore 4 children in the next decade, two of which died as infants, while two sons survived, Jim, born in 1859, and George born in 1864, or 1865. The Identity of his father was unknown and died, as George was told, while hauling wood with an ox team, and in some way he fell from the load under the wagon with both wheels passing over him. George never got to know his mother either, since she was kidnapped shortly after his birth. (Gene Adair Page 17-18)
In his childhood, George grew up in Diamond, Missouri, near the woods and wildlife giving him an appreciation of nature at a young age. He explored the woods and marveled at the rocks and the trees, the birds and the animal, he also seemed to recall knowing every strange flower, insect, bird, or beast. His main source of knowledge, Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book, did not give any answers to his questions.
In 1876 the Carvers found a Tutor for George but George asked too many questions than his teacher could answer. He then set out on a journey to find the school for blacks, Neosho, he managed to walk 8 miles to get there, he couldn’t find lodging in time, so he slept in a barn for the night and the young couple who found the barn gave him a place to stay as long as he did help with the household chores. George only stayed in the house for a year after finding that he knew more than his teache...

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...ashington Carver played a big role in our society, having to push his family aside for education and proving the importance of it. He is a big role model to us all, and his importance and hardships of life prove that even further.

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