George Washington Biography

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“A man's intentions should be allowed in some respects to plead for his actions.” (“George Washington Quotes”). These words were written by George Washington in a letter to the Speaker of the House of Burgesses in December 1756. Throughout his life Washington did many things such as help to found a nation and win a war that would forever change America. He has fought and many times risked his life to shape America into what it is now. From a young age up to the day he died he took risks and made decisions that would change the course of his life and take him to the presidency of the United States of America as one of the founding fathers.
George Washington was conceived February 22nd, 1732 on his father’s plantation on Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Being the third oldest, he was born from his father’s second wife, Mary Ball. The first died two years before Washington was born, leaving him with two older brothers, Lawrence and Augustine. Augustine was named after Washington’s father, Augustine Washington Senior. Two years after Washington was born the family moved to the Potomac River to the plantation of Mount Vernon. Then they moved again in 1738 to Ferry Farm where Washington will spend most of his childhood. This is also where most of the fables about his childhood will come. Fables like the tale in which he “threw a silver dollar across the Potomac”.
When Washington was 11, his father died, and left his land to Washington's older brothers. The income out of what was left was only enough to keep up with Mary Washington and her children. Being the oldest child still at home, Washington undoubtedly helped his mother maintain the Rappahannock River plantation they lived on. On the plantation he learned how i...

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... Indian War making him famous by the time he was only 22. He defended our nation with his life, honor, and courage. He was a hero to everyone as well as charismatic. He was the only president to go unopposed and most believe he should be the only one. George Washington truly was a Great American.
Between ten and eleven at night on December 14, 1799, well after his terms had ended and he got his wish of going home, George Washington died. He was surrounded by those who loved him and were close to him, including his wife who sat at the foot of the bed, his friends who stayed in his room through the day. According to his will, Washington was not buried for three days after he died. During that period of time his body lay in a casket in the “New Room”. On December 18, 1799 a funeral was held at Mount Vernon for the first president and most renowned hero of our nation.
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