George Washington And William Wallace In Braveheart

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Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace. Wallace is Scottish and a hero. He is the hero the Scottish people rallied behind to become a nation independent from England and King Edward I. This is a great movie that shows how important having someone people can rally behind to enact change and become a nation. Braveheart shows the nationalist movement; how they begin, what happens during them, and what the ending is. It shows that nationalism is extremely important. This movie also makes people think and make connections to historical figures that were like William Wallace. Braveheart is an important movie that shows how rallying behind someone for a nationalist movement has been done many times throughout history.
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Both had to fight to gain independence. Washington and Wallace both had to become the face of their cause. The American Revolution probably would not have ended the way it did if Washington was not the leader of the Continental Army. The same could be said of Wallace in Braveheart. Without Wallace, the Scottish cause would have been shut down before it even began. Washington knew how to work the Continental Congress in order to get the resources he needed to win the war. Washington had military experience before he became the commander of the Continental Army. Washington fought in the French and Indian War. Without Washington being in charge of the Continental Army, America might not be a country. America could possibly still be under English control. Washington was an important piece of America winning the war. This could also be said for Wallace. Without Wallace, the Scots could possibly have not even begun the fight for independence. Washington is one of the main reasons America won the Revolutionary War. The outcome of the war would look completely different if Washington had not been the commander of the Continental…show more content…
Some wars have started over a strong nationalist feeling. This could mean that people get scared to speak up for nationalism. It may take one person standing up and being the face of nationalism in order to get other people to stand up and speak out. This is similar to being the face of the fight for nationhood. Sometimes it just takes having someone stand up first and become the face of the movement for others to stand up and fight back or speak up. Particular groups throughout American history have been labeled racist or bigoted for being pro-nationalism. This could be a reason that people are not open and do not stand up for nationalism without someone standing up for it first. These groups have been persecuted throughout history making people scared to speak out for nationalism. Having one person to rally behind means that there is not much disagreement between people that are unified for a cause. It is harder to be unified if there are multiple people being rallied behind because everyone has a different opinion and would voice their opinions. One person being the face or center of the movement is important because it is easier to be unified for a particular cause or
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