George W. Norris

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On July 11, 1861 in York Township Ohio Mary Norris gave birth too a boy and named him George William Norris. When George was three his father died. After his father died his mother had to take care of eleven kids.

When George was twenty he graduated with a bacheolrs degree and earned a law degree. He passed the bar exam to earn a law degree. Later, he tought some school. He did all of these events from age twenty through twenty-two.

Georgemoved to Beatrice in 1885 annd opened a law office. He lived in Beatrice for a few months. Later, he moved to Beaver City where he met Pluma Lashely his first wife. Pluma’s father died onne year after the wedding. His wife gave birth to thhree daughters and died while trying to give birth to the fourth an unborn boy in 1901. George would eventually remarry on July eighth. The girls name was Ellie Leonard who almost died while giving birth to twins. Nnorris and Ellie went a childless life.

George William Norris had a bright career. George was in congress from
1913-1943 thirty years. He was the chairman of the ncpac which stands for: National
Citizen Political Action Committee. George was also the father of the TVA which stands for Tennessee Valley Authority. He was a U.S. senator for Nebraska. He was the author of the twentyth amendment. The twentyth amendment is the rights for the underprivileged and tireless advocate of goverment reform.

George William Norris died on September second 1944 at the age of eighty-three.
He died while still in political action.
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