George W Bush Ineffective Leadership Essay

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George W. Bush: Ineffective Leadership. George W. Bush has been locked in on politics before his presidency. His father was U.S. President, George H.W. Bush and he joined a variety of political clubs in highschool and college (Alterman & Green, 2004). Before his presidency, George W. Bush was the governor of Texas. Like the rest of his family, George W. Bush’s grandfather had a role in politics. His grandfather was a former Republican Senator of Connecticut. Although George W. Bush was elected to serve for two terms, he is written down as one of our worst presidents due to political, economic, and worldwide dispute.
George W. Bush graduated from the Phillips Academy in 1964. Here, is where George Bush learned much of his people skills that
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Bush stayed in the United States National Guard from 1968-1974. Bush never flew again as an Air National Guard pilot after April 1972. He received an honorable discharge from the Air National Guard in 1973 to attend Harvard Business School (“Texas Air National Guard”, 1972).
After Bush’s discharge he changed his lifestyle completely and applied for one of the most prestigious universities in the nation of Yale University. George W. Bush was accepted into the university just as his father, George H.W. Bush was before him. Bush graduated from Yale a bachelors of Science degree in History in 1968. Shortly after his Yale University career, he applied for Harvard University, one of the other most prestigious universities in the nation (Alterman & Green, 2004). Bush graduated from Harvard University in 1975 and achieved his master of Business Administration. One year after Bush graduated from Harvard University, he was arrested for drinking and driving (Rosen, et al.,
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Bush was running against the democratic representative of John Kerry. This time around, Bush had won most electoral votes as well as the popular vote. Bush served a two-term presidency, one of only thirteen presidents to do so. During Bush’s second term he was presenting a speech in Georgia, until a local threw a grenade at our president in an attempt to of assassination. Luckily for president Bush, the grenade did not go off and he survived. During Bush’s second he introduced the Immigration Reform of 2012 which was put into act making strict rules on newly found immigrants (Weisenburg, 2008). Bush served a double term of presidency from 2001-2009. Near the conclusion of Bush’s career, he gave his final address to the nation in 2009, explaining his future plans and extensively informing citizens on how he saw the country would be in the proceeding

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