George W Bush Individualism Analysis

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It can be depicted through the source that society will ultimately find a way of having freedom within every human heart over a period of time. Prison walls, martial laws and secrete police will not help spread the desire of freedom for all citizens. George W. Bush, the United States president from January 20, 2001 -January 20, 2009 and the author of this source believes that the world would run more effectively if there was less government participation. This type of government values individualistic efforts which promotes neo-conservative principles. Individual accountability and participation in society is not seen as a government responsibility but is rather seen as personal responsibility that must be met in order to keep the nation…show more content…
Bush holds a neo-conservative outlook on what a government needs to complete as well as what individual citizens need to accomplish. The citizens responsibility is to take care of their own desire and needs rather than relying on the government’s programs, facilities and ability to fix issues. Neo-conservative economic policies value a decrease in government intervention which then focuses on the principles of individualism in a government. Examples of organizations that follow neo-conservative principles would be the (WTO) the world trade organization and (IMF) international monetary fund. Some dilemmas were becoming apparent when the government took upon a neo-conservative outlook and as a result too much freedom cooperated with individualistic approaches were hindering the trade and industry markets needed for common good as the government was not in charge of government funded programs. These government programs include public education, health services…show more content…
A moderate principle in a government agrees with the perspectives of liberal and conservative beliefs and values. A middle ground of a government that holds both liberal and conservative views will help incorporate the importance of law and order to a certain respectful degree as this principle will help protect the rights and freedoms of every individua. Canada for example takes a great stance on the way it runs it government as it uses a moderate stance with the involvement of the government. Canada’s Party of Liberals tend to keep an open mind when it comes to political issues. The lives of Canadians are greatly protected as the establishment and focus on health care, public education, child care facilities and retirement and pension plans.

Through the identification of the source it can be depicted that George W. Bush admires less government involvement. George W . Bush believes that society does not need the complete involvement in providing solutions and programs to its citizens as the citizens individually should be responsible enough to deal with their own decisions and issues regarding their ideological beliefs and values in a
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