George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Island: An Analysis

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In this era of globalization, it is undoubtedly impossible for the human race to survive by itself; it needs a jurisdiction or any sort of political regime that would provide them satisfaction and security. Government’s duty is to protect their society, but nowadays in most of the countries it is seen that government runs their own citizen’s lives instead of fulfilling the reason they are here for in the first place. The only aspect government desires about is power; - power to rule the world. In most cases such as in dystopian countries, they are exclusively successful in executing full control over their citizens and acquiring the true power. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four depicts a similar kind of apocalyptic society where individuality is considered equal to less or…show more content…
Similar kind of proposition is presented by the Terry Gilliam’s direction Brazil (1985) and the article “North Korea Undercover: Inside the world’s Most Secret State” written by David D. Haught, where governments have more than enough resources and technology to make their nation a better place. Although, all of it is being used to gain unrestrained access over their citizens, they keep them in discipline, so that they can be secure. An individual is powerless in a dystopian society due to the various propaganda used by the government, such as intent surveillance of citizens, indoctrinating one’s belief and through psychological manipulation, making it impossible to also escape death. To begin, Individual confidentiality is the act that is acknowledged in many civilized countries. However, in apocalyptic states breaching of individual privacy is the main key to a prosperous future. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, surveillance of the members in the society serves as safety and insurance of the Big brother party and government uses various means to fulfill the undertaking. For instance, the main source that party uses to keep individuals under observation is through telescreens which is
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