George Orwell's Big Brother

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Power, is a small word with a strong meaning behind it. Being able to control anything and everything is what everyone seems to want in today’s society, everyone wants power. The government is the guiltiest of being power hungry. They want to be able to control everyone in the country, taking away the rights that our country was founded upon. This concept of the government wanting to take over its people is similar to that of Big Brother. Big Brother is the party that controlled the people, in George Orwell’s, Nineteen Eighty – Four. Nineteen Eighty – Four was published in 1949 where Orwell predicts what might come to Great Britain if the government, and surrounding governments, kept up with the way it was behaving. In 1949, World War…show more content…
Thus making allusions to things that happened within the Cold War. There is many allusions to the Cold War in Nineteen Eighty – Four because it is believed that Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty – Four as an “anti – socialism and anti – communist propaganda campaigns” (Shaw 2). Just like Hitler the Cold War was caused by the socialism Stalin created in Soviet Union; which helped create the idea of Big Brother. Along with, Nineteen Eighty Four shows three nations who are constantly at war. In the war, the nations create fear in the people of their country, they do this through propaganda and terrorizing the people for fear what the country would be if everything changed. Orwell created this allusion based off of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In the Cold War, both countries created fear in their people of what the other country might do creating fear of becoming like that country. They created this fear through propaganda and censoring photographs. Soviet Union censoring photographs is similar to Big Brother rewriting the past in its favor. Further, there is an allusion to the spying that happens in Oceania to the spying that happened in the Cold War. Due to both countries spying on each other, the governments began to spy on its people to see if any of them were against their government. Possibly the biggest connection to the Cold War in Orwell’s novel is the idea that people cannot make their own decisions. Nineteen Eighty – Four depicts society where the government controls everything and makes the decisions for everyone. Wealth is not evenly spread, in fact wealth is decided upon your social standing with the government, much like the Inner and Outer
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