George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Quick summary of the story

The book starts with a meeting of animals on the Manor Farm. Old Major, the old boar inspires the animals to start working on a rebellion. He teaches them a song called Beasts of England in which he sings about the tyranny of man and about the day that he is certain will come. The animals may not live to see the actual rebellion as it may happen few generations later but they must do everything to overthrow the dominance of “parasites” (humans) on the farm. Right after his death the two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon take command of the farm and start preparations for the rebellion. A day comes when they can’t stand the irresponsible owner of the farm Mr Jones and his lack of concern about their feeding anymore so they run him out of the farm. From now on the pigs rule the farm which they rename to “Animal Farm”.
The Seven Commandments are written down with all the new rules. The most significant is: “All animals are equal”. Man is the ultimate enemy. There are attempts to educate the animals but not many of them are clever enough to remember the alphabet. Many disputes happen between Snowball and Napoleon. They both seem to strive for the best possible improvements of the life on the farm. However, Napoleon uses his pack of dogs to drive him off the farm and takes the lead. Napoleon also makes use of his spokesperson Squealer to pass his commands to the animals. Squealer constantly encourages the animals to work harder and speaks highly of their leader Comrade Napoleon. The animals are easily persuaded that the life is better than it was under the rule of man, while it seems to be the exact opposite. Their rations get lowered and there is more work.
The rules are broken by the pigs and thus they simply ...

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...just out of curiosity. A banal news at first sight but it indicated what was to come in the next years: systematic campaign focusing the people’s attention on the material side of everyday life in Soviet Union, on the growing material prosperity.”
[Miroslav Kouba, Dagmar Magincová, Ivo Říha, Univerzita Pardubice,167; translated by Ivan Hrušovský]
In both the book and in the Russia the shortages were brutal while the society was producing more, only the elite was benefitting from that….DOPSAT STR.90 EVERYDAY STALINISM

The Animal Farm

Pravda was a Russian political newspaper.
Propaganda department of Lenin's government worked for Stalin to support his image used any lie to convince the people to follow Stalin benefited from the fact that education was controlled

Vyacheslav Molotov was Stalin's protégée and head of Communist propaganda

Totalitarismus str. 31
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