George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm
1.) Discuss the allegorical nature of Animal Farm. Discuss what each animal symbolizes.
Animal Farm is cleverly written by a British author George Orwell. He wrote Animal Farm to showcase his opinion on the Russian Revolution. When Orwell was accused of humiliating the government, he replied that it was a story of animal. .Animal Farm is banned in many countries because the government does not want people rebelling. This novella has an allegorical nature with animals who symbolize parts of human nature.
Animal Farm is an allegorical novella, this story portrays the evil sides of humans for example greediness, hypocrisy, manipulation, need for power. George Orwell wrote this novella to demonstrate his view of the human nature, totalitarianism, and evil such as the governmental system. Totalitarianism is a form of government where they are in control, which is how the government is in Animal Farm. Orwell wrote Animal Farm as an allegorical fable to expose the truth behind the Russian Revolution.
Each animal in the story represents a part of society for example the pigs. The pigs represent the whole government system by manipulating all the other animals for their own selfish reasons. When the animals kicked Mr. Jones out they were thrilled for equality between each other. That quickly changed when Napoleon and Snowball took leader ship. Napolean kicked Snowball by using Squaler, who represents the media. The media manipulates everyone into thinking someone is an enemy when truly it is their own government; Squaler does the same by lying to all the animals. Naopolean ordered the animals to construct a windmill which represents unnecessary government construction plans. Old Major represents the founding fathers who star...

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...ould start to question a lot of decisions the goverement makes. No one is that clueless to know anything about dictatorship, it is too common for someone to have no clue on it. Animal Farm is raw and honest and if someone were to read it they will be frustrated with the government and want to rebel which is why this book is banned in many countries. Most govermments do not want their people reading this book because it is an eye opener and will cause the people to rebel.
If someone knew nothing about politics and read this story then he or she would understand how piggish the government truly is. Orwell picked a pig to represent the government because politicians are manipulative pigs. Once someone reads this novella he or she is going to be angry. Orwell sparked a revolution in a lot of countries; all it does is take one person to speak what everyone is thinking.