George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush

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Like Father Like Son - George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush

Although all individuals are unique no matter how closely related they might be, sometimes their similarities over shadow their differences, and yield a very interesting combination of events that almost have a deja vu effect on its audience. The Bush family serves as the perfect illustration for this phenomenon. From their family history and business life, to their life as the Presidents of the United States, Bush Senior and Junior have led quite parallel lives. The thesis seems to be more complex than this.

George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts. He became a student leader at Phillip’s Academy in Andover. At age 18, he enlisted in the armed forces, and received his wings as the youngest pilot in the Navy. During World War 2, he flew 58 combat missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery. At Yale University, he [J1] studied business and was captain of the baseball team. He wanted a career in the oil industry of West Texas. He also became interested in public service and politics. In 1945, he married Barbara Pierce with whom he had six children. He served two terms as a representative to Congress from Texas. In 1980, Bush campaigned for President as the Republican candidate. He lost, but was chosen to be Ronald Reagan’s running mate. After being Vice President for two terms, he decided to run for President. Bush won the race and became the 41st President of the United States of America (“The White House” Not listed alphabetically like this on the Works Cited page).

His son, George Walker Bush, followed in his father footsteps in becoming President. He [J2] ...

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