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Muhammad Irham
Preliminary Exam

Wilfried Haeberli
He is a geomorphologist professor at Zurich University. His research focus on geomorphodynamics of high-mountain areas and especially concern climate and environment -related glacier and permafrost study, paleoglaciological modelling, and natural hazards. His contributions on rock glacier research at various places has enriched fundamental understanding on the movement of rock glacier that is caused by external and internal dynamic at numerous spatial and temporal scale.

Dale F. (Dusty) Ritter
He is the author of the book “Process Geomorphology” which become a must text book in geomorphic science. Most of his work related to paleoenvironmental and paleocimate reconstruction.

Albert Lincoln Washburn
His contribution on the book of “Periglacier Processes and Environments”, a standard text book on periglacier geomorphology, become wide acceptance among students and researchers who are interested in the area of high altitude and latitude environment, ecology, and environmental geomorphology. Most his research are based on field work...
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