Geography Of The Long Distance Trade And Long Distance Trade

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the eastern hemisphere devloped long distance trade more exstensively than the western hemisphere because of there geography, there caste system giving them a chance to move up, and the empress Wu Zhao. their geography was a major reason why they did so great in long distance trade because of the recourses they had and the steppe. The eastern hemisphere thrived more in long distance trade because of their geography gave them better resources and landscape for trade. Horses for example were a trade item everyone wanted because they did not have them in the western hemisphere they only had them in the eastern hemisphere. In the eastern hemisphere they had better trade items because of the resources they could grow and native animals. They also had the geography for long distance trade. The steppe was the perfect place for the silk roads because of the landscape and location . The silk roads opened during the Han dynasty when the emperor went to the different rulers among the soon to be trade route and opened up roads . They also had over seas trade routes in the Indian Ocean. This allowed them to trade with people they couldn’t reach by land before. Also transportation costs were lower on the Sea Roads than the Silk Roads, because ships could go larger and heavier voages than camels could. This meant that the Sea Roads could eventually carry more heavier goods and products sold in large quanties such as textiles, pepper, timber, rice, sugar, wheat. Where as the silkroads could only supply trade items for a fewer amount. India was the center of these over seas trade routes but not for the silk roads. Without these trade routes the eastern hemisphere would not have thrived in long distance trade the way they did. The caste syste... ... middle of paper ... order to become officers helped trade because they now had good protection, this also allowed talented lower class citizens to become high class officers(ednote). She made Buddhism the official religion of china so the people would believe the emperor’s power was enforced by god. Making people feel that by going against the government they were also betraying their religion. Wu Zhao was a powerful empress and by reforming government, making Buddhism the official religion and stopping the Tujue and the Tufan from invading she helped further long distance trade in the eastern hemisphere. Trade in the eastern hemisphere thrived because of three main reasons. these reasons were geography, there ability to move up in the caste system and their political leader Wu Zhao and all the advancements she made. Without there geography trade probably not very successful.

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