Geography Case Study

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For A-level AQA students, geography gives them the opportunity to study the relationship of human populations over space and times; within their physical environments, as well as work on a dedicated fieldwork practice. Studying geography at school and university requires looking at the physical and human sides. The table below categorises what type of content would be in each discipline.

Physical and human geography topics

A schools role and consequently, geography’s role is to assist the employment selection process. The curriculum for doing this is by assessing students through tests and examinations. The education of geography emphasises skills such as literacy and some subject specific skills such as graphicacy, surveying and cartography.
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From learning about the Approaches to Geography, undergraduates learn about the key academics and disciplines from the Victorian times to the cultural turn in geography. However, geography does not show how undergraduates would have experienced the discipline. It is evident that undergraduate exams were not always well done. The curriculum was out dated and too demanding; in addition the examination questions lacked guidance. This is at odds with the teaching of geography in…show more content…
Nonetheless dialogue must be critical; it must focus on underlying purpose of geography and of education not just knowledge. The government role in funding and supporting geography allows the education system to debate and direct its own future. GCSE and post 16 have possibly fewer changes probable because of traditional universities and emphasis on ‘standards’. It all changed again with Government cuts and effective ‘privatization’ of universities. Finally, IB is interesting but again geography, like other subjects, still tends to essentially take more or less the same line as
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