Geography: A Brief History of Lybia

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Libya is located at the northern tip of Africa, and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This fairly large country is also known as the Libyan Republic. Libya has 3 provinces, and 22 districts, which would be equivalent to states in the United States of America. Libya has had a very controversial history. Varying from the rule of Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship and many terrorist attacks, to the quiet lifeless desert that makes up most of the country.

The population of Libya is 6,244,174 people (Factbook 1). The official language of the country is Arabic, but Italian and English are also widely understood throughout the urban regions of the country (Factbook 2). The religion of Muslim accounts for 97% of the population, Christianity accounts for 2%, and other religions such as Hindu and Buddhist total for less than 1% of the population (Factbook 2). Libya operates under a transitioning government (Factbook 3). Ever since 1969, Libya had been under control by Muammar Gaddafi and a Dictatorship as a government (BBC 1). As of 2011, Gaddafi was killed by Libya’s own rebel forces and a new president was elected in 2012 (BBC 1). Libya is now operating under a Democratic government. Libya’s economy relies heavily on the drilling of oil and production of gas (LIbyan Culture 4). These two major components of Libya’s economy account for 96% of their exports, and 98% of the government’s revenues (Libyan Culture 4). In Libyan culture, the marriages are arranged by the girl or boy’s parents (Libyan Culture 5). Also, when the boy or girl that has decided that he or she is ready to marry, they have to marry someone within their family (Libyan Culture 5). Finally, girls are allowed to marry as early as fourteen, and boys have to w...

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...ya, with the people finally realizing that the misrule of their country had truly come to a close (BBC 2).

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