Geographical Location of Norway

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Norway is filled with a beautiful landscape and cold waters. It is perfect for vacationing and also living. During winter, thousands of people visit to see the snowy vast lands and experience the climate. It is filled with mountains along with the rest of the Scandinavian region. The largest industry is petroleum production which helps the economy a lot. Fish is an important food and is eaten with almost all meals because, of the access to water. The country’s Independence Day is May 17, very significant to all inhabitants. As a whole, Norway is very advanced with almost all of Europe. They have their own language, currency, military, and provides mostly for itself. The country is run as a constitutional monarchy. The Capital of Oslo is most significant city in all of Norway, it has the most crucial airports, buildings, industries, museums and transportation.

Norway is located in the region of Scandinavia along with Sweden and Finland, which is found in northern most Europe. The Scandinavian Mountains are located in Norway and is one of the most visited landforms. Also, Norway has some of the last standing Glaciers from the ice age, named Folgefonna, Hardangerjokulen, and Jostedalsbreen. Norway also has over 50,000 islands surrounding the coast, according to the World Atlas. The Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Barents Sea surround Norway. Inside of Norway the major lakes and rivers are; Lake Mjosa, Lake Tana, River Mjosa, Lagen River, Glama River, Numedalslågen River, and Gudbrandsdalslågen River. Petroleum is a very valuable resource in Norway and is one of the largest productions. Fishing is also very common, and feeds a large majority of the country. The climate in Norway is very diverse, the winters very cold and are filled wi...

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...ell taken care of. It does have minor pollution problems though. “Air quality in Norway has generally improved since the 1990s. However, many people in the larger towns are still affected by local air pollution,and some limit values are still exceeded every winter,” according to the Norwegian Environment Agency. Air pollution is not a significant deal though due to the use of public transportation; less pollution is being made because of the decrease in car use. Also they have some radioactive pollution, but it is not enough to affect the people slightly. Norway has little to no resource issues, they are very self-sufficient and able to provide for their country.
Norway has and is a very successful state. It is a very stable country, with healthy people and good living conditions. The country is very rich and most people make more money than needed for survival.
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