Geoffrey Chaucer

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Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London, the son of a successful wine merchant. After probably spending many of his childhood days in London's Vintry, his father did not send him to apprenticeship school, but rather to the aristocratic house of the countess of Ulster. There he trained as a page and learned the mannerisms and skills of the ruling class. "After that in1359-60 Chaucer serves in the war in France.1360 Chaucer, captured by the French, is ransomed (for 16 pounds)." (Benson, L.D pg 1).Chaucer then married Philippa Roet in 1366. Also in the same year Chaucer's father died. The next year was a great time in any mans life, Chaucer had his son Thomas. In 1380, Lewis, Chaucer's second son was born. "Twenty years later the great Geoffrey Chaucer dies leaving behind his wife and kids." (Thomas, Joseph P pg 2) Before his death Chaucer was gaged in English politics, serving people such as King Edward III and the county of Kent. He was involved in many diplomatic assignments to Spain, France and Italy. Works by Dante, Boccaccio, and Petrarch affected much of Chaucer's writings. In addition to these famous writers, "Chaucer was also influenced by other French, Italian, and Latin writers as well as philosophy, comedy, religion, astrology and other sciences." (Thomas, Joseph P 2) Chaucer used a variety of genres, styles, tones, and subject matters in this poems and his prose. He wrote Beowulf. Chaucer addressed issues ranging from adultery to unity with God in his poems. You can even look at some of his characters: The Wife of Bath: The most ostentatious of the travelers, the Wife of Bath has been married five times and is currently searching for another man to marry. The Wife of Bath is opinionated and ... ... middle of paper ... ... feudal age of religion may have witnessed a hierarchy in its system, but as the ages progressed, society, including kings and church scholars, argued for a reform in church government. Likewise, as scholars found contradictions in religion, church practices were challenged and the very popes and bishops were unpopular. The developments of the political, cultural, and religious societies of the middle ages influenced each other and were in turn influenced by the people. As you can tell there were many reasons why I choose Chaucer. The man wrote one of the best Fair Tales of all time. Also all the things that went on during Chaucer's life effected his writing. Just like I said before many people think that the writings done by Chaucer were about real people in his life, and what was going in society. So in closing I think I went the write way on picking Chaucer.
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