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Everest Hey there! I’m on the Summit of big ol’ Mt. Everest. You know theres a lot of neat stuff about Everest. It is the tallest mountain on Earth at 29,035 ft tall and it is still growing. It is located in China, Tibet and Nepal and 60 million years old. It was formed by two tectonic plates jostling up against each other and forming the mountain growing a centimeter every year. This mountain can be snowy, cold, have winds up to 180 mph, be -75F or be sunny warm and 90F. Everyone (including me) who climbs this mountain needs oxygen tanks because of the high altitude (ya pretty scary). Sir George Everest discovered the mountain therefore its name in 1841. The names that Nepal and Tibet have for it that the locals told me both mean goddess of the sky or universe. 4,042 people not including me have summited Mt. Everest while 248 people sadly have died trying to summit the mountain. The 40 day trek on one of 18 different routes are all very challenging. the youngest to summit the mountain was 13 while the oldest was 80 years old. The second largest river in China is the Yellow River where I was before Everest. The mother river as China calls it is 3,395 miles long. It starts in the Kunlun Mountains in Qinghai province and travels through nine other provinces until it dumps into the yellow sea. It has its yellow color from the soil that it flows through and around. Hey there just went and visited the town of Siddhartha Gautama’s birth; Lumbini, Nepal. You may also now Siddhartha Gautama as The Buddha a religious philosopher of the 6th century BC. Buddha means “enlightened one” and his father was king of India and Siddhartha was prince of India. His father and others said Siddhartha would be a great leader and great man. Sid... ... middle of paper ... found they were broken but they are now put back together. Ahhh, the Maliandao Tea Market in China a 1500 meter long street that sells tea, tea and did I mention tea? Yes, tea. so many types like green, black, jasmine, oolong and many more types. This market has some vendors that are open 24 hours a day and a lot of the vendors like to negotiate the price with you because it is sort of a culture thing. One building has three floors dedicated to tea; where they make and pour the tea in front of you like a hibachi chef. I’m Outside of the Foxconn Iphone factory campus where steve jobs mind turns into life. This facility is China’s largest electronic manufacturer where there are about 13 factories in a 1.16 mile campus. Lots of people call this “Foxconn City” where employees work 12 hours a day six days a week for their economy and our technology. various sources

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