Genocides In Rwanda

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546 words

This week’s assigned content discussed the different genocides and terrorist attacks against Srebrenica, Rwanda, and the United States. The Srebrenica massacre was a defining moment that occurred in 1994, Christiane Amanpour, explained the massacre as according to her it brought out the best from the ones who survived. In addition, she was well known for her famous confrontation with President Clinton, as she explained her frustrations over the U.S not doing anything about the genocide that was occurring in front of everybody’s eyes. Moreover, the Rwandan genocide occurred, to spread anti-Tutsi, such as survivor Gilbert Masengo Rutayisire described his fear during the genocide as he saw many people being taken and killed. He was rescued among 1,700 others that were hiding, he emphasized that the government should maintain the security for genocide survivors as he not only lost majority of his …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that christiane amanpour's srebrenica massacre brought out the best from survivors, while gilbert masengo rutayisire emphasized that the government should maintain the security for genocide survivors.
  • Analyzes how dr. suri's lecture discus the globalization of terrorism and genocides in rwanda and the united states, and how they acted against them.
  • Analyzes how gilbert mango rutayisire's testimony gave a sense of the horrific genocide in rwanda as it was evident that they used ethnicity to justify their effort to seek revenge.

Suri in the way that both discus the globalization of terrorism and genocides in Rwanda and the United states, and how they acted against these massacres. During Professor Suri’s lecture, he emphasized the Rwanda genocide was caused after the plane crashed with general Juvenal and Hutu president Burundi, as groups sought to seize control for their group and country; Hulu. This was significant because it eliminated about one million people, but is also appalling to see how other countries did not interfere such as The United States, France, Belgium, etc. as they just stood there and watched. Suri emphasized that this was a period of involvement, devoted to stop genocides, as it was another reconstruction period. Consequently, Rwandan genocide survivor, Murebwayire Josephine, explained how the genocide began that morning of the plane crash as there were soldiers at her door with the list of civilians to kill. She emphasized that the genocide was “perfected” and planned in advance as that plane crash was a strict signal of

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