Genocide or Not

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The war first began in the early 2011, when Syrian protesters were using nonviolence to free political prisoners and government officials charged in the crowd shooting the protesters. The peaceful rebels resulted in several brutal massacres led by President Bashar al- Assad and his companions. Soon, the Syrian government used a military forces against President Bashar al- Assad’s regime to oppress the reformers. By June 2012, the International Committee declared that Syria is certainly in a civil war. As the years passed, the security forces violated human rights to the largest extent when Assad used chemical weapons in public areas. After Assad crossed the ‘red line’, meaning he had used chemical weapons against his own people, which was banned ever since World War II, the United States debated whether or not they should intervene in Syria. America has been interfering in every nation’s business to ensure safety and equality, they have seen proof of this civil war and yet hesitate to save innocent lives. This situation is not considered a genocide because it doesn’t complete any of the eight stages of genocide: classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination and denial.
This civil war between the citizens and government began in early 2011, when protests were demanding for the liberation of political prisoners. By April 29, 2011, up to fifty protesters were shot down by security forces sent from al- Assad. Instead of people withdrawing, many took part in anti- government activities and displayed disobediences against al- Assad’s regime. Upon that day, citizen responded to the government’s violent demonstration with armed insurgents.
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...shar al- Assad, but the population was too weak to stand against the region’s most powerful ruling party. For the next year and on, al- Assad used weapons of massive destruction in public areas, like supermarkets, and barrel bombs that have been dropped by helicopters. He continues to perform crimes against humanity which brings United Nations to come together to debate whether they should intervene with Syria. There are too many possible for the negative to occur and the positive to occur, they are still unsure to risk United States and other nations to be dragged into this crisis. But, time is ticking and every second person in Syria are crying for justice and survival. United States must act quickly to find a way to recuse innocent lives from al- Assad’s dehumanization activities and put an end to this three year civil war for humanity, law, justice, and freedom.
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