Genocide and Americans Actions

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Opinion 1: Lead the World in the Fight to Stop Genocide

According to the Genocide Convention signed and put into effect by the U.N December 9. 1948. Anyone committing genocide, whether constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials, or private individuals will be punished. Genocide is defined as the killing of members in a group, causing serious bodily or mental harm, imposing measures intended to prevent birth, or forcibly transferring children of that group to another group. This is exactly what is taking place in Darfur, Sudan. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates as many as 50,000 people have been killed and about 1 million internally relocated. In addition roughly 170,000 refugees have fled to eastern Chad. These actions led to Secretary of State Colin Powell along with President Bush to officially declare the crisis a genocide.
The U.N still has not recognized the crimes committed in Darfur as a Genocide. However in September 2004 the Security Council passed Resolution 1564 which threatens sanction against the Sudanese government if it does not stop attacks by the Arab Sudanese militias on black Sudanese villagers in the Darfur region. Sudanese officials have largely dismissed it, accusing the United States, for example of trying to overthrow an Arab government. They obviously don’t fear that sanction on their oil exports of some 320,000 barrels per day that will be imposed.
This shows Sudanese resolve, they are willing to forfeit the economic status in order to eliminate these African tribes. As the worlds last superpower we have an obligation to protect those nearing extinction using any means necessary.
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