Genghis Khan: The Impeccable Conqueror

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Throughout history, conquerors have raided their neighbors and expanded their own territories. They lived to dominate the world, yet few were successful. For centuries, academics have pondered over the qualities that make a conqueror successful. An impeccable conqueror should possess traits like perseverance, diligence, intelligence and patience. One conqueror who possessed these qualities was Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongol Horde. Around 1162, near the present-day border between Mongolia and Siberia, a child clutching his own blood clot was born (Genghis Khan BBC Part 1/5) . The child, named Temujin, later Genghis Khan, was a ruthless conqueror and leader as well as a fearsome warrior. As a young leader of his tribe, he knew he was born to dictate and show the world what ‘illiterate’ Mongols could achieve. Over his lifetime, Khan, along with the help of his sons, conquered the more land than anyone in the pages of history. Enemies trembled at the sight of the massive Mongolian military. Genghis Khan, the fierce leader of the Mongols, has had a tremendous impact on the world because he was crowned at a young age and was a ferocious conqueror.
In the ancient times, it was very common to find a 13 year old ruler. Most of them failed with this task. However, this caused Genghis Khan’s rise to ultimate power. After Khan’s father, the leader of their nomadic tribe, died, it was upto Genghis Khan to lead the clan. Coronated at 13 years old, Genghis took the reins and drove his tribe into victory. His rise to power was significant because he was such a powerful leader at such a young age. To begin, since he was crowned at a young age, he had more time to round up tribes to form the Mongol Horde. With his first few victories, m...

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...his Khan). Therefore, the effect of Genghis Khan’s existence on Earth was that he changed the face of history by spreading the Black Death, uniting China, and creating 16 million descendants.
Genghis Khan, who was once an innocent child, ended up having a massive impact on history because he was crowned at a young age and because he was a terrifying conqueror.Throughout his life, he conquered more land than anyone had ever owned in history. Being coronated at a young age allowed him to round up troops to form the Mongol Horde. Furthermore, his rise to power was fueled by the imposing image he projected of himself. He was a brilliant mental strategist, a trait that was inherited by his sons. All of these reasons had such a big impact on the world. Ultimately, Genghis Khan, turned out to have a huge impact on the world, which is something people did not see coming.
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