Genghis Khan Essay

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American best-selling author, John Maxwell once stated "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." By examining this statement one would conclude that the old world has had a large quantity of great leaders. Alexander the Great, Marc Antony and even Julius Caesar, all of whom met with their own struggles on their rise to power. Perhaps among these brave, victorious emperors the most notable ruler of all was in fact the honourable Genghis Khan. Around the year 1162 a son was born to the respectable Yesügei (a Mongolian tribal leader) and his wife, Oulen in what is known as today's border between Mongolia and Siberia. His name was Temujin, but most people recognize him as the infamous Genghis Khan. After experiencing a rough childhood, an arrangement six years in the making finally occurred when Temujin was a young 16 year old boy; marrying his first wife, Börte. Several years down the line, after raising four sons and an unknown number of daughters Temujin, in the year 1206, was named Genghis Khan, a title many only could dream of receiving. Throughout his successful reign the Great Khan united the Mongolian people, this is mainly due to his religious tolerance. After a long life as one of the world's most well-liked rulers, Temujin unfortunately died on August 18th of 1227. By examining Temujin's struggle for power, which began at a young age, his political and military achievements, and last but not least, his conquests, one could recognize why Genghis Khan truly is one of the greatest rulers to have walked the earth.

Genghis Khan showed early promise of becoming both a leader and a fighter. Through the whole of his childhood upbringing Temujin was exposed to an array of extremely violent, unpredicta...

... middle of paper ... history to conquer more than twice as much land over any other individual to have walked the earth.

Like previously stated Genghis Khan was one of the world's greatest rulers to live. Through his struggle for power, which began at a young age, his political and military achievements, and his many conquests that conclusively led to the largest empire ever known to man, Genghis Khan is surely regarded as one of the greats. Such a superb empire could never have been formed without visionary leadership, great organizational skills, the most resilient cavalry ever known to man, an army of outstanding archers and last, but certainly not least an overflowing amount of devastation and havoc. The legacy of Genghis Khan, his sons, and grandsons is one of cultural development, artistic achievement, and of course an entire continent being united under "Mongolian Peace."
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