Genghis Khan As A Hero

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. Torghil has Genghis Khan seek out for additional help before they go to battle with the Merkits. The help he found was his childhood friend Jamukha. Jamukha had his reason for attacking the Merkits it was for revenge. The Merkits once capture and enslave Jamukha until he found hi opportunity to escape (Man 86). The armies combine and they were successful with rescuing Borte from the Merkits. This victory made Genghis Khan a Mongol leader (Man 88). Trouble approached the childhood friendship, causing a rift in between to inseparable friends. After the victory they did everything together as if they were blood brothers. After many months Jamukha grew tired of sharing leadership with Genghis Khan (Weatherford 38). Genghis Khan was being treated as a “shepherd boy” instead of a leader which didn’t go well with him (38). Jamukha was thought to want to go his separate ways so after seeking advice and not being able to imagine himself as just a follower; Genghis Khan went his separate way. The two best friends were now rivals. Afterward, clans started to join Genghis Khan something he wasn’t even expecting. It had started off with three brothers and their families, then there were five, and then even more families of more clans continued to join up with him. All clans who join pledge loyalty and disobedience during war was punishable by head lost. Amongst these families were seniors, who were all, looking towards Genghis Khan to unite the Mongols like they once were in the past. The split between the two friends eventually end up in a civil war amongst the Mongols. Genghis Khan first got permission from the Ong Khan who had his own agenda and didn’t care much about uniting the Mongols, but playing both sides by using ... ... middle of paper ... .... Upon his death “he ruled from the Pacific to Caspian which is known to be four times the size of Alexander the Great, two times the size of the Roman Empire, and larger than any nation except Russia” (Man 260). Genghis Khan’s sons would continue the conquest doubling the empire land including many new countries. The death of Genghis Khan’s son Ogedei would cause rivalry over who was going to be the next successor which causes an even greater rift in the khans who already had troubles before their father’s death. The governments the khan’s rule over had become unstable and the natives rebel and took back their land. The last of the khans were either assassinated, had vanish, or had horrific deaths thus ending the reign the Mongol empire, largest expanses of land. Many lives were lost during these conquests and some lands were destroyed during these battles.

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